Thursday, February 09, 2017

Trumpism in North Carolina: When You Lose the Legal Argument, Attack the Judiciary

Governor Roy Cooper won a temporary stay from a three-judge panel yesterday on the General Assembly's 11th-hour law passed in December to require Cooper's administrative cabinet to pass through the acid bath of confirmation by the Republican-dominated state Senate.

The law will remain on hold until its constitutionality gets a full review by the courts.

The Republican leaders of the General Assembly have an abysmal record, stretching back years now, of seeing their overreaches for power struck down in court. What do you do in Trump Nation when you lose in court? You attack the judges.

Senate leader Phil Berger and House leader Tim Moore were in a stupid blind rage, apparently, when they allowed the following words to be put out in their name: “Judges are not legislators, and if these three men want to make laws, they should hang up their robes and run for a legislative seat.”

Apparently, the willful misunderstanding of how three independent branches of government works under our Constitution is currently a bad habit among Republican office-holders.

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