Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Watauga County Early Vote Numbers

In just Early Voting:

Hillary Clinton 10,930
Donald J. Trump 8,345

Deborah K. Ross 10,679
Richard Burr 8,783

Observation: Although Ross matched Clinton almost vote-for-vote, Burr did better than Trump in Watauga probably because there were fewer 3rd party votes in the Senate race

Josh Brannon spanked Virginia Foxx 11,250 - 8,840 in Watauga Early Votes

Because the folks in her home county ... well, we know her

Roy Cooper 11,866
Pat McCrory 8,009


Democrats in every Council of State race, from Lieutenant Governor to Auditor, are leading every Republican, often by substantial margins.

The Democratic County Commission candidates are leading the Republican County Commission candidates in all three races by substantial margins.

We'll soon see how much these early voting numbers are altered by the turnout and voting today.


Anonymous said...

Are the majority of ballots to come with today's votes? How many people normally vote?

Anonymous said...

The official result for president in Watauga County

Clinton -- 14,138

Trump -- 13,697

Very close.