Friday, November 25, 2016

Don't You Love the Smell of Math in the Morning

Some election numbers, via the Winston-Salem Journal (with the most interesting numbers coming last):
According to complete but unofficial results, Cooper won early voting statewide 1.52 million to 1.34 million, while McCrory won Election Day by an 845,579 to 681,035 margin.
The absentee vote to date is 89,920 for McCrory and 80,989 for Cooper.
McCrory appears to have inspired “ticket splitting” among Republicans. That means Republicans choosing not to vote for McCrory, while voting for President-elect Donald Trump in his commanding win in the state and for U.S. Sen. Richard Burr and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest in their successful re-election bids.
Before provisional and absentee ballots were counted, McCrory received 62,909 fewer votes statewide than Trump. He had 93,527 fewer votes than Forest and 94,579 fewer votes than Burr.
Ain't that a kick in the pants, Mr. McCrory? It was Republicans who denied you a second term at a job they determined you were perfectly horrid at.

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