Monday, November 21, 2016

We Are Not Distracted, Sir

We actually understand, Mr. Trump, why you've ginned up all the controversy over "Hamilton," demanding apologies, offering negative reviews of a show you've never seen, encouraging your supporters to boycott what displeases you.

You're trying to distract everyone from the fact that you paid $25 million to make the fraud case over Trump University go away.


Anonymous said...

Boy, you are really a sore loser aren't you?

J.W. Williamson said...

I am an America citizen who believes that Mr. Trump is dangerously unqualified and temperamentally unsuited to be president and that he is a threat to our democracy.

Jeff said...

Wait until folks such as Anon 3:35 discover that their Trumpys dissolve in corruption and hate and shattered promises. Even "Make America White Again" will end up being economy killing bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Williamson, do you honestly believe that Hillary Clinton with all her scandals, her arrogant ignoring of our security laws, failed policies that has resulted in disaster after disaster, not to mention her serious health problems, was/is more qualified than Donald Trump? We've tried the longtime politicians for too many decades to lead this country, only to have failure after failure. And as to temperament, Hillary Clinton is notorious for having a dangerously insane temper and is known for being a pathological liar. She lies even when she does not have to.

And as for our 'democracy', what we have been going thru over the last century, the instability, politically domestically, and financially. one war after another from the aggressive foreign policies of both parties, this is the epitome of an unstable, violent mobocracy and a system where the laws are selectively enforced.

J.W. Williamson said...

I honestly believe that you have bought into a fantasy villain. If I believed even half of your characterization of Clinton, she's now history. Defeated. Your man is president and is now the issue. I believe him to be an autocratic, authoritarian rich man who cons the populace with "reality shows" while enriching only himself and his children.

Whatshisname said...

OK. Anon 8:32. First you need to know we understand. You've so accurately described the myriad failures of a person who has devoted herself to public service and has had to suffer a cottage industry of accusations, endless investigations, false news reports, distortions and lies by the Right. It's clear from your attitude that you are still addicted to disparaging the evil witch. This *is* a drug addiction and we understand that, that this is what has sustained you and your peers for over 20 years and that an addiction that runs this strong and this deep cannot be kicked overnight. We just want you know that we're here for you. When the hate addiction gets to be too much, you can count on us. You can stop by anytime you want because we're here ... for you. Slowly we'll help you through the several stages of your therapy and begin the turning of your focus from the past and point it to the future, to the future that Trump will give us. We're counting on you to help articulate that bright future even as you have so accurately described how awful and terrible and disastrous it has been for you to live in America ... until now. We understand more than you might imagine how much more difficult it is to define and implement real, meaningful solutions to America's problems than it is to criticize them. But thank goodness for us and America, we have *you* here to show us the way and that you have *us* to help draw that vision of our bright future from deep within you out into the bright light of the day. You see. We really can work together if we try.

Anonymous said...

Like I said....sore loser!

You spend your life attacking Republicans at every opportunity and at every level of government.

Trump won.

You lost.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Trump just sent word that his administration wouldn't be prosecuting the worst female criminal in the history of the world! Read it and weep.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that Trump will disappoint me many times over his term(s) of office. I have resolved that, each time he does, I will just remind myself how much worse things would have been with another Clinton in the White House!

Anonymous said...

What???? Trump not gonna lock her up!!!!! He's already broken one of his biggest campaign promises. Say it's not true!

Anonymous said...

No hurry. We will just wait until her next scandal.

Whatshisname said...

We're her for you, Anon 7:51.

It just an addiction. You can beat it if you try.

The election is over. It's no longer about Hillary.

You're right. We lost. You won.

Take the needle out of your head. Take the hate out of your heart.

The only way to beat an addiction is to face up to the fact that you're addicted.

That's why you have us.

Anonymous said...

Anything goes, huh ? Whatever your candidates or officials do, that's all right. They are above the law. No problem. Right ?

Ok, then the individuals incarcerated or being sentenced for far less offenses, then free these people and compensate them for their unfair persecution and wrongful prosecution.

What we have here is a gross double standard. And as for Hillary's devotion to public service, if you really believe that, then you are the one with a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

Repub Anon's (7:51 & 8:32)

I mean this with all sincerity — can you articulate how Trump is going to make America great again? It can be as simple as soundbite bullet points, step by step. Please enlighten us. Now that Hillary is gone, who are you going to direct your hatred and misinformation at? I mean that as a direct and honest question to you. Who else do you hate that is important to our country's political landscape?

But more importantly, can you articulate positive solutions and a direction for our country that is for the greater good of its population, economy, environment and resources? Does Trump really stand for anything? Please engage in a meaningful dialogue and quit talking about how Trump maybe bad but less bad than Hillary. We need to get beyond the "lesser of two evils" choice in the voting booth.