Friday, October 14, 2016

Will the United States of America Survive This Election?

Donald J. Trump went full demagogue in his speech yesterday in West Palm Beach. If I don't win, he told the alternately booing and cheering crowd, it's because of a giant conspiracy "against YOU." I've heard Trump supporters on camera say they're going for their guns if Trump doesn't win. Trump has laid the groundwork for that kind of violence.

So has Franklin Graham. At a "Carolina Values Summit" and rally in Raleigh yesterday, the reporter there from The Independent experienced this: old man wearing a cowboy hat lets me know who’s in charge.
He calls me a “fucking sodomite” and tells me he hopes I “burn in the fires of hell.”
But wait. I’m married, I tell him. To a woman. I have kids.
“Well, then, you’re a sodomite lover,” he snarls....
Fast-forward a few minutes. It gets personal.
I’m talking to a sweet-looking little old lady who is attending the rally with her forty-six-year-old son. When he heard my line of questioning, he grabbed his mother by the arm.
“Look at his nose,” he says. “He’s a fucking Jew-boy. Don’t waste your time with him.” (Technically, my dad is Jewish, but my mom isn’t, so, according to Jewish law, I’m not actually a Jew.)
I believe this is what the Trump fans mean when they scream their disdain for "political correctness." Yeah, we fully understand the pinch on your "freedom" to express your hatred for fellow Americans who don't attend your church.

Trump told them yesterday that if he doesn't win the election, then his politically incorrect followers have lost America forever. The whole shooting match will be over. Except for the shooting, of course.

When you've set the table for famine, what's left but cannibalism?


Henery said...

Yep. Armed Trump supporters openly carrying firearms sat outside a Democratic campaign office in Virginia for 12 hours yesterday as a form of 'protest'.

Anonymous said...

All of this is ugly, scary. Having witnessed many a presidential election, this surely seems to be the absolute lowest point in American politics. And no doubt on Trumpy's side, designed to depress the electorate so people give up on the process. Trump is hell-bent on burning it all down, taking everyone he can down with him. Sad. Pathetic. Scary. UnAmerican!

Anonymous said...

Don't you have that backwards ?

Unknown said...