Saturday, October 22, 2016

What's Going On in Caldwell County?

Franklin Graham
News arriving from next door in Caldwell: Republican volunteers were apparently handing out sample ballots at Early Voting marked "Christian candidates" and some were overheard claiming that Democrats "support imposing Sharia law in North Carolina."

Deanna Ballard, Franklin Graham's assistant, was appointed to the NC Senate seat (Dist. 45) after Dan Soucek quit -- another Franklin Graham assistant. Deanna Ballard is now listed prominently on that slate of "Christian candidates." Ballard is running for reelection.

Her opponent, Caldwell County Democrat Art Sherwood, issued a statement: "I know the GOP does not hold exclusive ownership of Christianity, because it is my Christian faith that led to me to seek office – proudly as a Democrat .... Since when did lying become acceptable in the Bible?  With the vulgar Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket, claims by Republican poll workers that the GOP represents Christian values is laughable.”


brushfire said...

They have forfeited their tax-exempt status.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your interpretation is that the Christians should always be silent, while you spendthrift progressives and atheist crowd can say whatever you like. Double standard as always.

BTW, your candidate Hillary should be arrested, tried, and executed for her numerous instances of blatant treason and crimes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but I take my Christianity from Jesus Christ. Blessed are the poor. Blessed are the peacemakers. Render unto Caesar. Donald Trump is about as far from that example as a public person could get. He's anti Christian, really, in every example he sets. Where is it written, "Thou shalt execute your political enemies"? I resent the implication that a Democrat cannot be a Christian. For some people it's more than an implication. They come out and say it, like the people handing out those sample ballots in Caldwell County. "These are the Christians!" Everybody else is a heathen, a non-believer, someone to throw stones at, a race that needs extermination. That's where that line of reasoning heads every time. Republicans I know -- some in my own family -- have told me I'm going to hell because I'm voting for the Democrats. I'm a Christian, and I actually attempt to act like one. Whether I go to hell after I die, I think I've experienced a little hell on earth here in the last few months -- a hell of hatred, bloody-mindedness, intolerance, and slander.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why the Republican Party decided that American values needed to be removed and replaced with Christian theocracy. That's what Deanna Bulllard and Franklin Graham want - an American theocracy where THEIR religion is the one that dictates all the laws. When the Republicans talk about Sharia law, they're the ones intent on implementing it, NOT the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I am offended that the impression is that Deanna Bullard is "running for re-election." She is an appointee, never having won an election for this position. The "early retirement" of various GOP elected officials so as to allow an appointee to move into a campaign as "the incumbent" is disgraceful.