Monday, October 17, 2016

An Attack on Democracy Itself

The firebombing of the Orange County GOP office is indeed violence against the very idea of our democracy, and it must be resisted with all of our might. The perpetrators must -- and will -- be caught and punished.

It's salutary that Orange County Democrats immediately raised thousands of dollars to help rebuild that office.


Anonymous said...

Given the current state of affairs, has it not crossed anyone's mind that perhaps this was an inside job?
After all Trump is now using the line "we are victims" etc.
And boy was that ole Dallas Woody there real fast shaking his head with the self righteous moral authority.
And then McCrory himself was on WBTV news saying this just plain isn't democracy, apparently unscripted without Berger/Moore's preauthorization.
Having lived in Hillsborough some years back I know that at the time (late '80s) it was a place where tired hippies retreated to stay within shouting distance of Chapel Hill without being caught in the traffic.
So unless theres a new breed of liberal progressive redneck (perhaps these hippies' children?)out there its just hard to fathom who done it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:24 PM, your remark, "Given the current state of affairs...", I would say that's about right.

Given that the Clintonistas refer to Trump supporters as 'deplorables' and 'irredeemables' and her staff's attacks upon Christians, certainly raises some eyebrows.

Also, the recent revelations re: Creamer and Foval's 'community organizers' certainly points to the provocative and violent nature of some campaigns.
And we must not forget the contributions of those like Bill Ayers.

You speak of the possibility of an inside job, and that certainly rings a familiar bell, or at least, it should.

You quote the governor lamenting that this just plain isn't democracy....

I submit that this current state of affairs definitely IS a democracy -- a polyglot, unstable democracy or mobocracy. A system ruled by violent, powerful minorities. A system where the laws are selectively enforced, as per the FBI Director and the Attorney General, not to forget the wimpy, lacking insides, controlled Congress.

And unfortunately, these occurrences will only continue.