Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Pat McCrory, Don't Look to That Other Fool To Pull Your Chestnuts Out of the Fire

Maybe Governor Pat McCrory expects a wave for Trump to sweep him back into the governorship. He endorsed Trump. He's actually appeared on stage with him and cracked an HB2 joke, proving conclusively that McCrory is also a graduate of Trump University's extension class on public relations.

Trump may carry North Carolina. That's a real possibility. But is Trump going to help McCrory? Is Trump going to help any of the Republican tribe which has brought us the last four years of unconstitutional stomping on the daisies, the last four years of national embarrassment, the last four years of teacher-flight and business-flight and NCAA-flight.

Is Trump now going to carry the military enclaves in North Carolina, after what he said yesterday?
"When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over, and you're strong, and you can handle it, but a lot of people can't handle it."
It was not just those words. It was the implication of those words that might give soldiers some heartburn. Trump had already made his disdain for POWs crystal clear. Add sufferers of PTSD to his list of "weak sisters." Last time I looked, the suicide rate in the military was more than twice that in the population as a whole, but such "self-destructors" are just limp dicks to Trump, the man who evaded the draft and let others go to Vietnam in his place. Naturally, he would of course now be the expert on the long waste of war.

McCrory is so exposed to the political furies that he put on his he-man flannel yesterday and declared a state of emergency in North Carolina in the face of Hurricane Matthew, several days away. Taking no chances that anyone says he's not on the job. Yes, we need his vigilance. And yes, we need him gone with the wind.

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