Thursday, October 27, 2016

Quick! Throw This Drowning Man an Anchor!

NC House member
Chris Malone
Poor, pitiful Republican! Chris Malone, who represents a Wake County house district well outside the urban core and who proudly voted for HB2, has just had an eleventh-hour conversion. He sent out a mailer saying this:

“HB2 is costing Wake County and North Carolina too much. I call for a full repeal of HB2 now. I also support adding anti-discrimination language to state laws. I call upon law enforcement to enforce existing laws banning inappropriate behavior in public facilities.”

The bill that discriminates against transgender citizens was supposed to rally the Christian right to the Republican banner in North Carolina this year. Hasn't worked out that way, as even the blindest of the brethren can recognize the bleeding of economic development as a result.

Even more interesting: the anti-HB2 mailer was paid for by the NCGOP. Whaaaa? The main cheerleaders for HB2 have visibly cracked under the pressure? When asked about it, the NCGOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse wrapped himself around the trailer hitch trying to explain the flip-flop but still managed to blame Roy Cooper for HB2. BWAhahahaha!
“It is my understanding that Malone has adopted the same position as many of our elected officials, both Democrats and Republicans, that both the Charlotte ordinance and HB2 should be repealed,” Woodhouse said in an email Wednesday. “Malone and Republicans believe that would have happened already if Roy Cooper had not leaned on legislative Democrats supporting compromise, telling them that turmoil was better for Democrats than solutions.”
"Turmoil"? You got it, Mr. Woodhouse. You wrote it, you passed it, you defended it, you go down with it!

Okay: Here's the Anchor We're Throwing Mr. Malone
While serving on the Wake County School Board back in 2012, Chris Malone got himself implicated in a scandal with the notorious Debra Goldman, a fellow Wake County School Board member at the time. Goldman herself, after losing a state-wide race for NC Auditor, went on to an even bigger, more baroque scandal, while Chris Malone got himself elected to the NC House where he has now proved himself rudderless.

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