Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Down. No Discernible Effect on Tillis

The talk-radio yakker is dropping out of the crowded Republican Senate primary field. Bill Flynn had already lost his campaign manager.

Well now. If the preacher, the nurse, the Shelby mayor, and one or two more also dropped out -- and endorsed the OB/GYN doc from Cary as they exited -- then maybe Dr. Greg Brannon would have a shot at beating Tillis in the primary.

None of which is going to happen.

Too many Lilliputians are trying to pull down the Brobdingnagian Tillis, who is shrugging them off like a horse's tail swishes flies.

And, yes, I am implying that Mr. Tillis is a horse's ass.

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Whatshisname said...

Touché, Jerry!