Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Does Thom Tillis Have a Republican Enemies List?

Leigh Thomas Brown
A realtor named Leigh Thomas Brown is challenging preacher man and incumbent Larry Pittman in the Republican NC House district representing Cabarrus County. Tea Party operatives are saying/suggesting that NC House Speaker Thom Tillis put her up to it because of the naughty things Pittman said about Tillis in a Cabarrus Tea Party meeting last year.

Interesting that Leigh Thomas Brown (who also apparently tried to run for governor in 2012) was very much opposed to Amendment One. Another Tea Party flame-thrower, "Lady Liberty," exposed that indiscretion.

According to The Daily Haymaker, another Republican House member who's gotten crossways with Tillis is also being primaried.

My, my! Are the country club Republicans reasserting their supremacy?


Anonymous said...

"Country Club Republicans"?? WTF is THAT?

Anonymous said...

It's a secret society that meets once a week in the basement of the Preston County Club in Cary North Carolina where they ride Goats and have 13 year old Boy Caddies beat them with a short Golf DevilHeaded Putters...I saw the Movie " The 1% Code" in 2007