Friday, January 03, 2014

Mitt Romney Jr.

Hi, I'm Thom Tillis, and I'll represent white men in ties in the U.S. Senate!


Anonymous said...

According to Real Clear Politics, an average of national polls shows only 39 percent of those surveyed support the law, while 53 percent oppose it.

Good luck Kay!

Anonymous said...

I doubt Tom Tillis has ever cleaned anything. Of course, I'm also not sure what "mess" he's talking about - I kept my insurance, and now my kids over 25 have insurance as well...finally. The one in a state with a state clearinghouse (not the one in NC, of course...the Leg refused to set up a clearinghouse for use) even has AFFORDABLE insurance.

USS Rodger Young said...

Thom Tillis is a liberal socialist sheep like many of you. He turned on gun owners during his term in the NC legislature, and now us good ole hillbilly gun owners will ensure he isn't elected this year.

I wouldn't worry too much about Thom, the Tea Party will draw enough votes away from this coward so that Hagen stays in office. As a conservative, I'd rather have liberal sheep Hagen in office than a turncoat Tillis. Tillis thinks conservatives have a short memory, but he will find out in November that there are still enough of us to cause problems. He ought to try running for Congress in 10 or so years when the "cleansing" is over (no more conservatives).

Again, I'd not waste too much time worrying about Tillis - his base is going to eat him alive. Hagen is pretty much a shoo in.