Tuesday, January 14, 2014

107,000 North Carolinians: You Are So Pissing Off Thom Tillis

Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis is basing his entire campaign for the U.S. Senate on the hatred North Carolinians will still be feeling for Obamacare, come November. He has nothing else. Hatred of Obamacare is his meat and potatoes, the lead in his pencils, the nub of all matter, his end-all and be-all, his heart, his soul, his very essence.

So the headline yesterday that "More than 107,000 NC residents have picked Affordable Care Act health insurance" did not necessarily make his day. Especially since he and fellow Republican leader Phil Berger have formed a joint legislative investigating committee to prove that Obamacare comes from the pits of hell.

So eff you, 107,000 North Carolinians, for undercutting Mr. Tillis's argument. How effing dare you! And who are you anyway?

According to the News & Observer, "23 percent of North Carolina’s enrollments have been by people ages 18 to 34, the age group essential to the program’s success." And "89 percent of applicants have qualified for subsidies, among the highest subsidization rates in the nation."

Oh. Okay. That makes it abundantly clear. Our 107,000 are too young to know any better or too poor to know any better, and Thom Tillis can safely ignore them as no-account.

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Anonymous said...

In his ad bashing Hagan's support for ACA, he wore an Autism Speaks, which has this to say about the program Tillis bashes: "…the Affordable Care Act offers new options for individuals with ASD." http://bit.ly/1f16iK1