Thursday, January 02, 2014

Goodbye to All That

Well, thank Gawd that's over!

Not just the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's mash-up, though I'm always happy to return to plain foods, like navy beans and cornbread. (Farewell, cream cheese!)

But thank Gawd 2013 is over, that Tea Partying, backward moving, cookie pimping, public school destroying, environment trashing, female privacy invading, unemployed workforce punishing, tax raising, wealthy asshole coddling, Art Pope enabling, repressive societal engineering, bigot pandering Year of Extremism Unleashed ... Year of Inepititude in the Highest.

Finally, we get to campaign and vote against The Regime.


oracle said...

"Blessed the man who, having nothing to say.abstains from giving worthy evidence of the fact "
George Eliot, English Novelist

Whatshisname said...

"Guess you haven't been reading the papers, oracle." Whatshisname. 2014.

Jesse Steele said...

Pity that the one term liar that's pretending to know what he's doing, Rucho, and all the rest didn't follow Mr Eliiot's advice either.