Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Senator Chucklehead

NC Senator Dan Soucek professes himself "puzzled" that a federal judge would have a problem with what he, Soucek, and his fellow Republicans rammed through the General Assembly last year: NC license plates that take an anti-abortion position on possibly the most contentious political and religious issue of the last 40 years, without a similar opportunity for pro-choice citizens to similarly express their preferences.

Soucek sees no difference between these religious viewpoint plates and those that advocate NC State over, say, UNC Chapel Hill.

A legislator this smart clearly hasn't reached the nadir of his abilities.

The federal judge found "viewpoint discrimination" in the refusal of the General Assembly to allow for a different opinion. Did His Honor even question the provision in the law the gives the money raised from the "Choose Life" plates to anti-abortion religious orgs? Might he have a problem with the State becoming a cashier for a special religious interest?

On the same day that Soucek displays his remarkable puzzlement, the Fayetteville Observer published an editorial that might enlighten him. Might, but won't.

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Liberal POV said...

This man is so out of touch with reality, morality and whats best for his community.

Soucek represents Plutocrats and Theocrats.