Friday, December 07, 2012

Our New Lt. Gov. Has a Sexual Problem

Apparently, newly elected Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, one Dan Forest, finds the women's lingerie ads in Sears a definite turn-on, and in between yelling "Satan, get Thee behind me!" he wants to warn good Christians everywhere to wrap those catalogs in brown kraft paper, to protect themselves from such pornography.

Yes, he's waaay out there, our Dan Forest!

Luckily, the Lt. Gov. of North Carolina has virtually no mandated duties. Just ask Walter Dalton.

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brotherdoc said...

No mandated duties still was enough to get Dalton the nod for governor by his party. So it will be for this guy. We can expect to see a large looming future for this still young man, bought and paid for with TP money though it may be. TP money obviously does work in NC. Will he try to take his mom's seat in congress? Run for governor like Dalton did? Scary. Where does the GOP find these guys?