Thursday, December 06, 2012

Secret Super-PAC Will Help McCrory Run NC

A brand new 501(c)4 "non-profit" calling itself The Foundation for North Carolina is throwing Gov.-Elect Pat McCrory's inauguration party at the Raleigh Convention Center and intends to help him guide the state toward "market-oriented solutions."

As a 501(c)4, The Foundation doesn't have to reveal where it's getting its money. It's also not supposed to "coordinate" with any candidate or elected official. Yeah, right. As in this:

"The foundation filed its incorporation papers on Nov. 20, the same date that McCrory announced he would attend the group's event at Raleigh's downtown convention center."

Secret donors with a philosophy straight out of the Art Pope bible. McCrory took the bait on pay-to-play politics faster'n a goose goes after a Junebug.

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