Thursday, December 06, 2012

NC GOP Evidently Got the Memo (And Actually Read It!)

The portentously named "NC House Select Committee on the State's Role on Immigration Policy," which had revved up its investigation early in the year like a posse looking for someone to hang, has done a "one-eighty" since that unfortunate election and instead issued a report that is Basic Pabulum about immigration.

No more hard-line on immigration, folks, at least not in this General Assembly about to convene in Raleigh.

That is, until some Tea Partier with poor reading skills decides to act up. We can't wait.


Anonymous said...

As I hVW Aid, the Epublican party has abandoned its base. It is dead. A conservative party will replace it.

Henery said...

May we consider that the final word from the local Brain Trust?