Monday, December 10, 2012

General Assembly, Here's a Suggestion: Choose Not To Be Dicks

In 2011, the new Republican majority in the NC General Assembly rammed through a prize for a special interest: the Clown College decided to issue "Choose Life" anti-abortion license plates, with all proceeds going to an anti-abortion religious group, and no amount of offers to compromise would move them off this goal. The other side suggested including a choice (get it?) between "Choose Life" and "Trust Women: Respect Choice" license plates, so that the state of North Carolina wasn't in the business of promoting a single religious viewpoint.

They passed their law, the NC American Civil Liberties Union promptly sued on Constitutional grounds, and a Federal judge has now ruled that the state can't just decide to discriminate on viewpoints like that.


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shyster said...

Jerry, they played straight to their base and will eat lunch on this through the next election. They are not stupid, just mendacious and craven.