Friday, December 28, 2012

North Carolinians, You're Gonna Have To Sacrifice More for the Rich

What can we expect from the Gov. Art Pope regime in North Carolina? Since Mr. Pope is now in charge of the state's budget, we need look no further than Mr. Pope's own Civitas Institute for the blueprint. It's the long-form version of this formula: tax the rich less, tax the poor and middle class more. Period. (There's a bunch of extra blah-blah about job-creators needing to be freed up from the social safety net, and then everything will be just peachy-keen. But we get the message.)

Economist Dave Ribar has taken a hard look at the Civitas outline and has written a compelling analysis of how it's regressive, moving the tax burden from the rich to the poor and middle class, and how it's otherwise full of shit.

This is what you voted for, North Carolina. Enjoy your crap sandwich.


Anonymous said...

'Just as bad as sacrificing for the 'poor' -- right, Jerry?

Jerry, I'll bet that yours, and Pam's, income is more than mine.
But you are such a champion for the 'have nots'.

You still promote the same ole class warfare tactic, like a true Bolshevik.

Anonymous said...

You are smoking crack.

Sally M. said...

Nasty & nastier.

Anonymous said...

Both Mansfield and Randy Voller, who is also running, understand the need to energize the NC Democratic Party going forward. This means working to build each county organization's ability to elect Democrats to office at the county and state and national level.

Randy Voller experienced success in electing Democrats last November when he served as Chatham County Chair. As Mayor for 4 terms in Pittsboro, Voller led the successful campaign for Pam Baldwin, Pittsboro Town Board's first African American member, and Beth Turner and Bett Foley, now serving with her.

Together, they passed unique town resolutions opposing "fracking" and Amendment One, putting the town on record on those issues. Randy Voller continues to be passionate on these ideas, and to fight to build Pittsboro's business community, which has grown under his leadership. Voller serves locally on the Chatham County Economic Development Corp.

Voller has worked for clean air and water by serving on the Triangle Area Rural Organization since 2006, also the Advanced Energy Board, a state wide group.

Voller believes freedom comes through opportunity, and equality, which is why he also serves on the Board of the NC Juvenile Justice Planning Committee.

The NCDP will be well served by each of these men. ejsmith

Anonymous said...

In other words, both promote over regulation.