Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Renee Elmers, Teacher's Pet

And here we were, thinking that the woman who upset seven-term Democratic incumbent Bob Etheridge in the NC-2 by 1,489 votes, was a true believer in Tea Party principles.

Turns out, Renee Elmers is a company suck. The evidence is in a profile provided by the NYTimes:
...Her willingness to join the leadership, rather than beat up on it, is something that Tea Party groups in her state have begun to notice. Mrs. Ellmers understands their chagrin because she has been there.

“There is just a lot of mistrust Americans have for ‘those people in Washington,’ ” she said, adding with a laugh, “and now I am one of those people in Washington.”

Mrs. Ellmers said that before she arrived here, she believed Mr. Boehner and his cohorts were not standing up to Democrats. “When I got here I realized that wasn’t the case at all,” she said. “I was told he wasn’t conservative. He is conservative. And that’s what I tell other people in our discussion.” ...

The scales have fallen from her eyes. Renee Ellmers sees the light! And it's shining out of John Boehner's alimentary canal.

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