Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Early & Absentee Votes in Watauga County

If, as many suspect, Early Voting won or lost the election for several candidates, we think it instructive to put up Watauga's Early Voting figures by themselves for a few select races:

Obama 10,654
McCain 7,837

NC House Dist. 93
Tarleton 10,287
Soucek 7,015

NC Senate Dist. 45
Goss 11,473
Butler 6,297

U.S. Congress, 5th Dist.
Carter 10,527
Foxx 7,678

Perdue 9,618
McCrory 8,041

Watauga Co. School Board
Combs 8,198
Miller 7,651
Walpole 6,067
Horine 5,932

Note: these are Watauga County tallies only, and only Early Voting. Tarleton will have Ashe County to also consider, and Goss has Ashe, Alexander, and Wilkes counties in his district. Carter has some 11 counties, or parts of same. But Watauga did well for all these guys.

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