Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Final Numbers in Watauga

Obama 14,513
McCain 13,303

Perdue 13,330
McCrory 13,240

US Congress, 5th Dist.
Carter 14,727
Foxx 12,702

US Senate
Hagan 14,208
Dole 12,428

NC Senate, Dist. 45
Goss 16,331
Butler 10,410

NC House, Dist. 93
Tarleton 14,333
Souchek 11,718

Watauga County School Board
Combs 12,610
Miller 11,719
Walpole 8,627
Ward 8,563
Horine 8,517

[Note: Top three school board candidates are elected. BUT ... there are 237 provisional ballots, which, once they're accepted or ruled out, could change the totals here]

We're late for the victory party, so we won't pause here to make observations on the obvious. We'll leave that to all you Godless socialists Muslin-sympathizers out there in Watauga County.

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