Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Don't Need This

Certainly looks as though Diane Hamby is playing a form of gotcha politics in the Democratic primary for the 5th Dist. congressional seat. It ain't welcome.

It's an old game: issue a press release challenging your opponent to a debate and then immediately say your opponent is ducking debates. But the gambit doesn't work so good when the 5th Dist. chair comes out in the press and says you're lying.

The irony about all of this buffalo dust in the W-S Journal is that both Roy Carter and Hamby will be together next Wednesday in Boone for the Democratic Women's Club luncheon at the Broyhill Inn & Conference Center. Together and taking questions at the same time. (Details can be found under 'Events' here -- scroll down: note that reservations are necessary, to insure enough seating for everyone.)

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