Monday, March 17, 2008

Foxx Gets Heartburn and Decides to Share

Watch the Bush administration defend the indefensible and get back-talk from a self-described "dumbass hillbilly" who can still tell a hawk from a handsaw.

Though Madam Virginia Foxx evidently CAN'T. She's busy getting acid reflux over the mere thought that the Democrats are gonna take over and will "doom us" economically. The Democrats? Who dug us this hole over the last seven years?

Foxx is worried that these proud accomplishments of smooch-buddy George W. Bush might be turned around?

$1.46 - the price of gas in January 2001.

$3.18 - the price for a gallon of gas now.

37,426 - the number of North Carolina families who lost their home last year due to foreclosures.

$1.1 billion - the cost of subprime mortgage-related foreclosures in lost property value

12.73 percent - the decline in median income in North Carolina, from $44,862 in 2000 to $39,797 in 2006.

$236 billion - the budget surplus President Bush inherited when he took office in 2001.

$163 billion - the budget deficit the flawed policies of the Bush Administration created.

$3 trillion - the national debt under President Bush

$63,938 - the average tax cut per family member North Carolina residents in the top one percent income bracket received between 2001 and 2006.

$1,932 - the average tax cut received by middle-class North Carolina families in the past six years.

The only way to get over such heartburn, Madam ... is to blow it out your ass.

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