Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Republican Lite vs. Democratic Light?

When Jim Neal was in Boone last week, he said that his chief opponent in the May 6th Democratic primary for U.S. Senate was a weak reflection of Elizabeth Dole and would be serving the same wealthy and powerful interests as Dole. "Republican lite," Neal said of state Sen. Kay Hagan.

This morning's profile of Hagan by Rob Christensen seems to confirm Neal's summation.

1. "She is a soccer mom and political insider, a well-to-do civic leader who sent her children to private school in Greensboro while advocating in Raleigh for public education."

2. "During her decade in Raleigh, Hagan has carved out a reputation as a pro-business Democrat."

3. " 'She follows orders well -- whatever [Senate leader Marc] Basnight and [Senate Majority Leader] Tony Rand want,' said former Republican state Sen. Mark McDaniel, a Greensboro businessman who lost to Hagan in 2002."

4. "She voted in favor of providing incentives to corporations that provide jobs, she favored the creation of a state lottery..."

5. "Hagan also looks after local business interests. She helped shave back a proposed increase in the cigarette tax in 2005 -- from the 45 cents a pack proposed by Gov. Mike Easley to 30 cents a pack."

6. "...she joined other Democrats in the state Senate last year in voting to cut income taxes for the wealthy rather than cutting the sales tax, which disproportionally falls on the poor."

"...she voted for a two-year moratorium on executions. She voted against a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages...."

And she often does charity work on Christmas morning.

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