Thursday, March 27, 2008

North Carolina Campaign

Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said earlier this week that "the campaign doesn't consider North Carolina a must-win state."


That's why, we guess, the whole family -- Hillary, Bill, and now Chelsea -- are criss-crossing North Carolina like the hash marks on a honey-glazed ham (and if our Democratic delegates aren't 115 pieces of big juicy Southern pork, what are they?).

Bill Clinton said last week that the nominating race for Democrats may come down to North Carolina. We suspect he was closer to the truth than Wolfson.

Incidentally, the article linked above says Bill Clinton now plans to be in Asheville Friday, so his schedule is obviously very fluid. We hear Hickory, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Gastonia, High Point, and Greensboro are also all in the running -- all on Friday. So some of these possible touch-downs must be feints that won't pan out. Seven stops in one day? Sounds unlikely, especially for the slow-moving Bill.

And especially since we're NOT a must-win state.

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