Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Patty McHenry Eats Lunch with Soldiers, Becomes Expert on Iraq

So there was little Patty McHenry, Republican congressman from the NC-10, trying to figger a way out of facing his primary opponent, retired U.S.A.F. Lt. Colonel Lance Sigmon, in a debate, and someone suggested, Why not go to Iraq and eat lunch with soldiers, so he did.

Thus killing two insurgents with one stone, as it were, both avoiding a face-to-face with a man he's afraid of and coming back home an instant expert on warfare and its perfect cheerleader.

In Iraq at lunch McHenry had the gall to assert, "I came here with a deep understanding of the sacrifices troops are making, that Americans are making." "Deep," if a puddle is deep.

Made us flash on Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's earlier quick visit to the Green Zone and her subsequent pronouncement that all is well with the American occupation of Iraq. And how'd that work out for ya, Congresswoman?

McHenry did at least manage to avoid the debate.

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