Monday, March 17, 2008

Theme of the Day: Republican Economics

People are zeroing in on economics under the regime of Foxx & Friends. Bailing out a big-ass bank while common people lose their homes sorta clarifies a great deal about political philosophies and has served to focus some minds.

Meanwhile, Virginia Foxx is throwing around "socialist" (since "liberal" doesn't seem to be working so well any more) in order to scare the feces out of some Charlotte Chamber of Commerce types about this upcoming presidential election. Sez she, "I don't know the dictionary definition of socialism," which allows me to plaster it as a witch label on the two front-running Democrats and claim that they -- THEY, as opposed to US, who've actually been running the economy the past seven years -- will doom us all.

Everybody's trying to sum up this moment ... the denial of Republicans like Virginia Foxx for ANY responsibility for this mess ... but we like the straight-forward approach of Jim Thompson in the Jefferson Post from next door in Ashe County:
From Ronald Reagan's voodoo economics of the 1980s, to Bill Clinton's NAFTA and China trade agreements, to George Bush's free trade and staggering deficits, the American middle class has been under seige for 28 years. The middle class has been dragged towards poverty, pushed out of the political process by wealthy donors, and watched as the most basic American Dream -- a better life for your kids -- has disappeared. Add to this the fruits of our ignoring Jimmy Carter's pleas to end foreign oil dependence, and you have a grim picture indeed....

To sum up, the next president will inherit disaster from the Bush Administration. Whoever sits in the White House next year will face enormous challenges to turn the nation around, and restore public confidence in our future. The times are dangerous, and the need for real leadership great.

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