Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cruella de Ville 'Splains Health Insurance

Jamie Linquist, a nursing student at Gardner-Webb's satellite campus in Statesville, asked Congresswoman Virginia Foxx to clarify her position on national health care. "If you are not in support of universal health insurance," Linquist said, "then what are you in favor of?"

See if you can figger that out from Foxx's response:
...Foxx said that the number of Americans without health insurance was typically given as 47 million.

She broke that number down by saying one-third of it was made up of illegal immigrants, one-third was of those who were uninsured for only a portion of the year but not all of it, and one-third was of people who have access to insurance "but choose not to take it."

"Choose or can't afford?" another student asked.

Foxx compared health insurance to homeowner's or automobile insurance and said health insurance was initially designed for "catastrophic" events and "not for maintenance."

"A huge portion of health insurance funds go into the last 18 months of a person's life," Foxx said.

Excuse us, Madam, for dying.

By her accounting, apparently there's NO ONE without health insurance except by their own stupid volition. And of course illegal immigrants, who deserve whatever bad happens to them.

And by the way, Madam Foxx sees herself as Cinderella.

When did the wicked stepmother get to go to the ball at the palace?

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