Saturday, March 29, 2008

Keeping Hillary Alive?

Ex-Prez Bill Clinton made it to all seven stops yesterday in North Carolina. If anything his speeches got longer as the day wore on. He was only about an hour late getting to the last venue in Asheville, and then spoke for an hour! Things didn't conclude in Asheville until around 11:30 p.m.

He seems to have had good crowds along the way, including in Hickory in perhaps the most Republican area in the state. In Asheville, about 2,000 were allowed into a high school gymnasium, but some were turned away, including a handful of Obama supporters in T-shirts sporting that candidate's picture.

About 500 people listened to Bill in Salisbury, the alleged home of Sen. Liddy Dole. In Gastonia "about 800 people withstood the stagnant heat in a gym without air conditioning."

The trip was a stab through the heart of white working-class North Carolina:
In Hickory, Clinton passed a trailer park on the road to St. Stephens High School. There in heavy Republican country he appealed to working class people, many of whom have lost jobs since he left office.

"I like to come to places like this," he said. "These are the places that have kept [Hillary] alive."

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