Monday, March 24, 2008

If Not for Sour Grapes, They'd Have to Eat Crow

This headline on this a.m. caught my attention, even through the cottony fog of my Easter creme-egg hangover: "GOP state parties are in dire straits." North Carolina isn't even mentioned in the article, but still.

The North Carolina tea leaves are not that difficult to read. There's this analysis of party identification, relying on Pew Research Center data, which shows great promise for our state to swing blue this fall. Scroll down on that page and you'll see that North Carolina has recently been experiencing a net gain of over 5,000 new Democratic voter registrations per week. That's net gain, over what the Republicans can show. Democrats are currently even outpacing the unaffiliated in registrations.

Fundraising for John McCain continues to lag, as it does for most of the GOP candidates for NC guv (not sure about McCrory's numbers). Locally, the almost complete collapse of the Watauga County GOP is still the talk at the barbershop, where sour grapes have become the snack du jour: "Well, I don't intend to vote anyway!"

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