Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Kudos

Boone developer Rob Holton is becoming Boone visionary Rob Holton. First his Green Business Plan and now his vision for connecting the county through a network of hiking trails.

They're estimating that the plan for mapping potential trail routes in the county will take 900 hours of labor. Getting easements and constructing the trails will take years, decades, beyond that. We're lucky to have a man of Rob Holton's vision leading the effort.

A walking trail from Boone to Todd, from Boone to Blowing Rock! One can't help reflecting how everything old is made new again. This country was criss-crossed once upon a time by buffalo traces and hunting trails. Even after European resettlement, a farmer in one drainage valley might talk about "stepping over the mountain" to trade in another.

We have something here that many people without it will pay to see, to experience close up. Rob Holton is thinking creatively how to enhance it, preserve it, yet use it without using it up.

We are fortunate to have him working so tirelessly amongst us.

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