Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If He Can't Fill a Room, He Can at Least Blow Smoke

J.R. Munoz-McNally of the Statesville Record & Landmark attended the Bill Clinton event in Charlotte last Friday and says the lack of a crowd was next to embarrassing: "...only 97 seats were set up for the audience, and about one-fourth of them were still unoccupied at the scheduled time of Clinton's arrival."

Organizers filled those empty seats by literally begging people to come in.

This was the event, incidentally, when the former president said, "I think it would be great to have two people [running against each other in the general election] who love this country," meaning (first) that he'd relish a face-off between his wife and John McCain because (second) they both love their country ... and ... Obama DOES NOT. Obviously!

The clip of Clinton saying the one and implying the other has been all over cable TV news, with little mention that he was saying it to a handful of people, some of whom had to be dragooned into the folding chairs.

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