Wednesday, January 16, 2008

War Is Good When You Don't Have To Think About It

The things that fall out of our Fifth District Congresswoman's mouth!

Today in the Statesville Record & Landmark: "As long as people can go on with their everyday business and are free to talk about war but don't have to think about war or worry about war, I think that's a good thing."

Translation: It's gonna be a lot better for the Republican Party generally, and for me specifically, if the Iraq War retreats to page 14.

Foxx's deep thinking on the economy: "She said all the talk about the nation going broke is much ado about nothing and the federal government would actually be operating at a surplus 'if the Democrats would cut a lot of the spending not related to the war.' "

Put those two pieces of appalling sapience together: It's an excellent thing for Americans not to think about all the money that's going to a war that it's also good they're not thinking about. Because NOT THINKING is next to Godliness.

And we had thought the Madam Foxx quotes from yesterday couldn't be topped! You know, this:
When it was Foxx's turn to tell the crowd about herself, she started by saying that she had tried to get to a meeting of eWomenNetwork for three years. She delighted the small group with stories about owning a nursery and landscaping business with her husband since 1975. "I've led two lives," Foxx said. "I still have my own chain saw." In another story that connected her to the rest of the group, she told about finally getting time to clean her house during the holidays. "Women in Congress have the same concerns as all women have," she said.

Sometimes trying to negotiate the ironies is like paddling in Jello.

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