Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dispatches from New Hampshire

Voters lining up "out the door" to vote in several cities in New Hampshire.

Despicable push-polling meant to benefit Huckabee happening at the last minute (natch!).

This Granite State Republican worries most that the presidential candidate for his party will "see the war through": "...no matter who wins, we'll be in pretty good shape to make the case against the Democrat leading into next November's vote. Any one of our guys, save Ron Paul, will be a formidable candidate when compared against whoever the Democrats ultimately pick to be their standardbearer." Save Ron Paul? Oh, yeah, he's anti-war and therefore won't see the war through.

Blue Hampshire says that a vote today for any Republican would be an endorsement of the last seven years of Cheney/Bush. Yea, verily.

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