Saturday, January 12, 2008


I actually watched Thursday night's Republican presidential debate -- and taped it too -- thinking that I'd probably write something about it, but then the moment passed, sort of like pellagra (eat enough vegetables, cereals, and high-protein foods, and it will get better).

Two of the highlights of Thursday's debate -- no, three -- were as follows:

1. When's the last time you saw a presidential debate preceded by a rendition of the national anthem featuring a whole platoon of country Barbies singing backup to South Carolina's "official country music ambassador" Calvin Gilmore? Who, you say? That's "Calvin" as in Coolidge. And what does it take to become an "official country music ambassador" anyway? Oddest thing, though, was that the whole over-produced musical rendition was PRE-RECORDED.

2. Ron Paul was UNLEASHED.

3. So was Fred Thompson, who took every opportunity to verbally stomp Mike Huckabee, even though it's a little more effective to go on the attack without constantly referring to your notes.

The Thompson-Huckabee tiff has extended into the hours and days following the Myrtle Beach event, with the two Southern pols continuing to get "shut-yo-filthy-mouth" personal with each other. The best moment came yesterday when Thompson accused Huckabee of not being as poor as Thompson was growing up. "Why, I was twice the white trash you ever even DREAMED of being," Thompson screamed before slamming the screen door so hard the cat knocked over the clabber jar.

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