Friday, January 04, 2008

Reshuffling the Deck

We've been out of pocket since early this morning, so we're way behind in the Iowa spin, but at least two things picked up from various network gasbags last night hang in our minds:

1. Obama out-polled Hillary among women over-all but especially among younger women.

2. The youth vote jumped up like a goosed cat. One in five Iowa caucus-goers was under age 30 -- about twice as many as typically vote in early presidential nomination events. (Over-all turnout in Iowa swelled to 239,000, nearly double the record of 124,000 just four years ago.)

3. I'm feeling John Edwards' pain today. I'm NOT feeling Ms. Inevitability's pain.

4. Kudos to Biden and Dodd for being gentlemen of substance, for adding their voices to the early debates, and for bowing out gracefully.

5. What's Bill Richardson thinking? They ain't gonna be no surge.

6. If a black man can win lily-white Iowa ... we got us a race here!

7. The Republican side just gets more delightfully entertaining by the day! We got us TWO races here!

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