Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roy Carter Event in Boone

Fifth District Congressional candidate Roy Carter -- and virtually his entire family -- were at the Fairfield Inn in Boone Sunday afternoon for a fundraiser. The event was crowded, festive, and apparently very successful. (We can testify that the action in the scrum around the food table was elbow-to-eye competitive.) Carter campaign officials said that slightly over 100 people attended.

We couldn't help noticing several Republicans in the crowd, a couple of them quite well known in eleemosynary circles. The increasing loss of her base has become Madam Foxx's problem in Watauga County, at least, where people know her best. May explain a wholly new conciliatory tone on her part in her latest e-mailed newsletter ... in which she actually has less-than-hateful things to say about the Democratic majority in the U.S. House.

What's the old saying about changing a tiger's stripes?

Anglico at BlueNC offers these choice razzberries to Madam Foxx's fake "bipartisanship."

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