Saturday, January 05, 2008

Things We Wouldn't Know Without the MSM

The Mainstream Media, bless their hearts. Without their ever-vigilant eye, we wouldn't even know that...

1. John McCain's fourth-place finish in Iowa, behind the semi-comatose Fred Thompson, was actually THE BIG SLING-SHOT WIN THAT WILL PROPEL HIM TO VICTORY IN NEW HAMPSHIRE AND THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION!!! Jamison Foser does the analysis and names names, Chris Frickin Matthews very prominently at the head of the queue.

2. Evangelicals were counted at the Republican caucuses in Iowa but not at the Democratic caucuses, because, hey! Republicans OWN evangelicals, right?

3. The MSM has decided and proclaimed Huckabee a "populist," when his "fair tax" scheme would be somewhere to the right of Ronald Reagan's economic policies, shifting even more of the tax burden onto lower-wage earners who have to spend a greater percentage of their incomes on the necessities of life.

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