Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Alas, Poor Mittens

With the Florida results, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx's Chosen One, Mitt Romney, is now a certified neo maxi zoom dweebie, no matter how much of his sons' inheritance he continues to spend. Pity.

With John McCain, the Democrats have a much tougher race ahead this fall. It could come down to a contest between The Old and The Young, depending on who the Democrats end up with. Or a contest between The Old, The Unelectable, and Ron Paul.

And all the North Carolina Democrats who've been moaning that it'll all be decided before our May primary, you might want to be keep your powder dry, 'cause North Carolina may very well be crucial in the delegate count after all.

Rush Limbaugh has been saying that John McCain as the nominee will be the death of the Republican Party. We could always pray that once in his career Limbaugh is right. But it's doubtful.

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