Monday, January 14, 2008

Mr. Pecksniff Counts the Odds

The always rollicking George Will threw ice water all over hundreds of conservatives at the John Locke Foundation's 18th anniversary celebration last Thursday night in Charlotte. (The Carolina Journal has the full report here.)

'Pears that Will joins Madam Foxx in supporting Romney for president and joins her, too, in being virtually alone in North Carolina in that support. His takes on the other leading Republican candidates make for Monday morning hilarity:

McCain's an "acquired taste." Sort of like fish paste.

Huckabee? "...Republicans are decreasingly competitive outside the South. This is why some of us find Gov. Huckabee so alarming, in addition to his alarming views. [If nominated] he would reinforce the image of the Republican Party as a Southern party with almost a religious test -- certainly a religious pretension -- that a good many people all over the country, including in the South, find disturbing."

Who will the Democrats nominate? Will thinks it'll be Obama. And he clearly thinks that Obama will win the presidency.

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