Friday, January 04, 2008

"The Things He Did"

Lance Sigmon, newest Republican candidate for the NC-10 Congressional seat currently held by Patrick McHenry, has got an itch he clearly intends to scratch and in public. From coverage of yesterday's declaration of candidacy by Mr. Sigmon:
"I am not happy with the representation we are getting from Mr. McHenry. And if people knew he did things ... they might find he is not the person they think he is."

We call this Sleaze Interruptus. "If people knew he did WHAT things"? Would any of them involve a Dyson vacuum and talc?

Oh, this NC-10 Republican primary is gonna be dirtier than Vernon Robinson's accusing Virginia Foxx of being a nympho-lesbo-killer-abortionist in Aught-Four.

ADDED: Oops ... here's the newspaper source for the quote above.

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