Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Belief Net has a fun new feature, the "God-o-Meter," which attempts to keep track of who's Jehovah's BFF among presidential contenders THIS WEEK. It should come as no surprise that Mike Huckabee among the Republicans rings the God-o-Meter bell loudest today and wins himself a Jesus Carnival Kewpie doll, maybe particularly for deciding to follow that still, small voice that whispered in his ear that trashing Mitt Romney as fundamentally dishonest was just NOT the Christian thing to do ("but first," saith Saint Huckabee, "let me show you this terrible ad that I'm NOT going to show you," pushing his halo back with a relaxed slouch that reflects his corn-fed all-American likeability).

Meanwhile, on the Devil's Own End of Belief Net's God-o-Meter we're delighted to find both Ron Paul (who recently predicted that fascism would arrive in America carrying a cross) and Fred I-Don't-Attend-Church-Regularly Thompson, the last best hope of non-Pauleroid conservatives and role model for lecherous old men everywhere.

Closest-to-God on the Democratic side may surprise you but shouldn't, since you KNOW how focused on Allah those madrassahs tend to be!

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