Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Madam Foxx, Relentlessly 'On Message'

"It's all the Democrats' fault," saith Madam Virginia Foxx, in an interview with the Statesville Record & Landmark. She means the "ear-marking" process of "pork" production for Congressional districts, something she's indulged in (more tea, my dear?) but about which she's all self-righteous today. She blames the Democrats while conveniently ignoring that Congress was under the control of her own Party, starting in January of 1995, pretty continuously until January of 2007 (with a couple of brief blips in the Senate), during which time Congressional spending generally (let alone ear-marks specifically) soared into the blessed stratosphere.

Foxx is sooo accustomed to dishing shit and calling it meat stew. Why? Because too many people in her district swallow it.

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