Tuesday, March 08, 2022

If Mark Meadows Were a Black Woman, He'd Be Prosecuted For Voter Fraud


The New Yorker article that outed Trump's last chief of staff Mark Meadows is here, and it's not behind a pay-wall. The fact seems to be that after Meadows sold his only North Carolina home in March 2020 and moved permanently to northern Virginia, he had no residence in North Carolina from which to vote, so he changed his registration and gave as his residential address a mountain cabin his wife had once rented for two months and which he had never visited, let alone slept a night in. A 14-by-62 foot mobile home in Scaly Mountain.

Mark Meadows' voting "residence" in Scaly Mountain

From a News and Observer editorial published yesterday:

Meadows was one of the most fervent peddlers of voter fraud conspiracies following the 2020 election, which Trump lost. He made baseless accusations of election fraud involving mail-in ballots — even attempting to pressure the Justice Department into investigating them — and assisted in numerous efforts to overturn the election. He’s stonewalled the House panel investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, only agreeing to cooperate after the House recommended criminal contempt charges, which could still be brought against him....

Others have been arrested and even imprisoned for honest mistakes that resulted in illegal voting, including a Black woman from Wake County who voted while on probation in 2016, not knowing it wasn’t allowed. 

Lying, on the other hand, is hardly an honest mistake. As a former elected official and top-ranking member of the White House staff, Meadows has no excuse for not knowing the law, and despite his power and influence, he is not above it. As with any instance of potential voter fraud, the North Carolina State Board of Elections should investigate it. And if it’s found that Meadows did fraudulently register for and vote in an election, he ought to bear the consequences of doing so.

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Anonymous said...

He needs to sit his sorry butt in a cell....and not a nice, cushy, federal 'country club'. In the words of the mob, "Lock him up!" (Once tried and convicted, of course.)