Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The New Poor People's Campaign for 2018

Last night, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's launch of the first Poor People's Campaign, Rev. William J. Barber II announced a new Poor People's Campaign which will climax next June 21st with a mass mobilization in Washington, DC.

“We must transform the moral narrative in this country,” Barber, who led N.C.’s Moral Monday efforts, said in a statement announcing the plan ahead of a Monday news conference. “We went through the most expensive presidential campaign in U.S. history in 2016 without a single serious discussion of poverty and systemic racism. Now we are witnessing an emboldened attack on the poor and an exacerbation of systemic racism that demands a response."

“This is not about saving any one party or policy agenda but about saving the soul of America.”

Amen to that.

You too can join this movement for the soul of America: https://poorpeoplescampaign.org.

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