Monday, December 11, 2017

The 50-Yard Field Goal Attempt

The American Bridge PAC is running ads in Alabama urging voters tomorrow to write in the name Nick Saban on their ballots.

Why wouldn't Alabama voters choose their spiritual leader?

Back in September, with Trump distracting from the Mueller investigation by attacking NFL players, naturally a reporter would get to Nick Saban for a comment, and this is what coach said: "To me, some of the things that we do in our country when I grew up, they were unifying events and it's a little painful to see that those things are not so right now. But I also respect everyone's rights not to be censored in terms of the way they express their beliefs. I'm just a coach. I don't have the answers to all the questions. I know that most good things come out of love and respect and compassion and unifying people. Most bad things come out of hate and dislike and deceit. Hopefully we can focus on the above and not the below."

Well, Alabama could do worse than pick Nick Saban, and possibly will if it's to be Roy Moore.

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Pixelshim said...

I suspect that write-ins could siphon votes from the other two. The consequences of that are unclear to me.