Monday, November 20, 2017

Virginia Foxx and Her Republican Pals Have Shown Their True Colors

The TV ad below -- aimed specifically at the vote of a Maine Republican on the hose-the-middle-class tax plan recently passed in the US House -- is about to be duplicated in some 25 Republican House districts with large numbers of white voters who had previously voted for Obama but who opted for Trump in 2016.

The ad probably won't be shown in Foxx's 5th Congressional District, though it ought to be.

The ad was created and paid for by Not One Penny, "a campaign launched by progressive groups to oppose all tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations."
The ad hits two messages: GOP changes to the tax code are enormously regressive, showering most of their benefits on the wealthy while giving crumbs to working- and middle-class Americans (or even raising their taxes). These tax cuts will necessitate big cuts to the safety net later — the ad references $25 billion in Medicare cuts that could be triggered by the GOP plan’s deficit busting — further compounding the GOP agenda’s regressiveness down the line.

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