Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump's Vulnerability

Lordy! Is America great again yet?

Trump's strange affinity for Russians -- blurting out secrets that might be better kept secret -- and his raging defensiveness about the FBI's investigation into Russian collusion wounds whatever credibility he might theoretically have as Leader of the Free World.

“What we’ve really learned is either he’s worried about Russia because he’s got a significant vulnerability or he’s worried about Russia because it undermines his electoral win,” said Jennifer Palmieri, who was the communications director for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign. “He’s clearly been more preoccupied with it than we understood.”

If it's the former -- "a significant vulnerability" because he's in cahoots with Putin, or some of his people were in cahoots -- then his presidency is indeed doomed. If it's the latter, then his eternally fragile ego may doom us all.

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